About Me!


Updated: December 2016

Wow!  It's been a while since I updated this.  

Hello my crafty friends!  My name is Miranda, I am in my mid-forties I am no longer in my mid-forties but coming up on the big "50" in January 2017!!!  I am still a mother/grandmother! LOL  I have three awesome grown children of my own and two super sweet grown step children and five terrific grandsons.  I now have 7 wonderful grandsons ranging from 11 to 1 year old.  And since 2 beautiful, sassy little granddaughters both 2 years old (one born in March and one born in October of 2014).

I love paper crafting.  How did I get started you ask, well let me give you a quick background.  In October of 2009, I was up late watching TV while Tommy was at the deer camp and I saw the infomercial about the Cricut and low and behold I bought one.  I was a bit intimidated by it and didn't even turn it on for a few weeks.  My sweet cousin asked me to go to a scrap booking 101 class with her and I did.  Well that night I came home and tried out my brand new cricut and fell in love.  I started off scrap booking and then about a year ago tried card making.  I mostly do cards now, although I need to get some scrap booking done. 

Since then, I have added all sorts of crafting to my portfolio, I enjoy making wreaths, doing vinyl on objects as well as heat transfer vinyl on t-shirts.  I bought a embroidery machine in October 2015 and have been doing some of that.  And am trying very hard to learn to sew.  

I am still a Paralegal for nearly 20 years!  And I still love my job!!!!  I take pleasure in decorating cakes and have been doing that for about 30 years off and on. I also teach religion (CCD) in my parish.  I enjoy aiding our Young Church in their Faith Formation.  

I love spending as much time with my family as possible. Even when it gets a little crazy! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Should you decide to follow me, do leave me a comment telling me so, so I can follow you too!  I love, love, love reading all your comments!   


  1. I couldn't comment on the blog hop so I came here. I absolutely LOVE your work! The little girl card is my fav but they are all amazing, you are truly talented, hope you had a wonderful Easter. Thanks for being involved in the hop and sharing your talent, I so enjoy seeing what others create!

  2. I couldn't post a comment under the blog hop either and came here too...

    Love your cards. They are all so sweet. I especially love the Kate's ABCs (favorite cartridge). TFS.

    dietzrobles at yahoo dot com

  3. It's great to see another paralegal saying she loves her job and to have stayed in this noble profession for 15 years? You must surely be well taken cared of by your job. Cheers!

  4. I am a new follower. Thanks for being a follower of my blog also

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  6. hello I couldn't see where to email you to ask about the blog hop. I was invited I have some questions so if you could please send me an email at semery@kcbroadband.com (Rhonda) thank you and your blog is super cute and I have your badge on my blog www.scraphappenswithrhonda.blogspot.com and now a new follower. hugs

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Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I appreciate them! Have a great day!!! Miranda :-)