Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How About Some Cricut Fun!

Good Morning!  How are you?  Happy Wednesday!

Funny Story: 

A week from today, I will be "50"!  Yep the big five-o!!!!
And I've been wining about it a lot.  And I don't mean the good kind of wine either.  LOL  When I went home for lunch yesterday I checked my mail and saw an envelope with some sort of card in and I thought what can this be.  Maybe a gift card since it's nearly my birthday.  So with all the excitement I could muster, I opened it and guess what was inside of application for AARP!  Really people, I still have a week left before I turn 50 is it necessary to remind me that I am getting older!  Of course I had to call my Mom and she thought it was the funniest thing as did my co-worker and my DH!  Me...not so much! 

So how many of you still love Cricut and still own your very first Cricut Cutting Machine?  I do! 

 I really don't use it much anymore but I still have the Cricut Expression I purchased back in 2009 when that m
achine was all the rave.  Of course there have been many more Cricut machines since then, the Expression 2, the Imagine, Cricut Air so on and so forth.  Well I have the Expression, the Imagine and the Expression 2.  My Imagine is packed away in a closet somewhere, my E2 which I normally use decided tonight it didn't want to work anymore, it is tired but my original Expression is still going strong. LOL 

With that being said, I looked around my craft room and I have over 100 Cricut cartridges collecting dust so I thought I would pull one down and use it today.  

I choose the Creative Holiday Cards cartridge and this is what I made: 

I cut it just as the insert suggested using pretty much the same colors because I liked the look.  Of course I inked around the edges and added a little bit of ribbon.  My card was cut at 5 1/2 inches.  

If you haven't already, head over to Connie Can Crop to celebrate her 8th year of blogging with a "Wild" fun filled blog hop and lots of prizes!!!!!


  1. Miranda, I have a saying about birthdays! It is just another year that has gone by and another day that I am still on this earth. You are as old as you feel. Happy early birthday! I have the very first Cricut machine that came out. It sits in my closet. Have thought about selling it. I have the expression and a silhouette portrait also. Use the portrait more than the expression.

    1. My very wise Mom says the are only as old as you feel. I also use my Silhouette more than my Cricut.

  2. 50 is just starting the good years! (I'm 60,so I can say that, LOL!) I still have my original Cricut and the Expression but have been using my Explore since I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love your card and will have to check out that cartridge! BL


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