Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creepy Cricut Creations Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Creepy Cricut Creations Blog Hop!


Howling cats, and a big black spider,
Flying bats, some doughnuts and cider,
Smiling pumpkins can be seen;
The time is here for Halloween!

(by Karen McGuigan Brothers)

Crazy About Cricut and some crafty pals gathered around their cauldrons.....I mean Cricuts to create some spooky and fun Cricut creations!  This is a one day blog hop and we appreciate your leaving a comment for all of these talented friends who are here sharing their ideas and creations. 

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*Just become a follower of each of the amazing blogs in this hop. 
*Leave each of them a comment letting them know what you loved (or were scared of) about their projects.

 Please hop and leave your comments by 12 am Monday, October 13th.

 Winners will be announced on Tuesday at
Be sure to follow everyone and leave a comment along the way!

Now, prepare to be spooked!

 For my project, I decided to try my hand at the 3-D Haunted House you can find on the Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridge. 

I cut the house at 7 inches with all its layers in purple then I took my black ink pad and just kinda rubbed it all over all the pieces.  After I built the house I cut out a couple of ghost, a few bats and a cat to add to the house.  Finally, I decided I would start building a Halloween scene for my Godchild so I cut a tree and am currently working on some tomb stones to go along with the house. 

 Up next is YOLANDA!

If you get lost, or need to stop along the way, you can find the complete lineup at


  1. HOLY SMOKES, MIRANDA!! This is so fabulous! I've not been brave enough to try this, but yours looks perfect. Now I need to make this! Thanks for joining this hop with me :)

  2. love this - I will have to try it!

  3. WOW! You did a great job. The black ink really makes it look authentic, along with the wonky angles!


  4. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I love this cut! I made it one was a lot of work! You did a FANTASTIC JOB!

  5. fantastic! you rocked it! please post the entire scene when you get it finished! the house is awesome!

  6. LOVE this!!! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Wow, you knocked my socks off with this! I can only imagine the work and love that went into it! AWESOME Job!

  8. awesome! love it! I haven't had the courage to try 3d items yet! super job.

  9. This deserves a huge WOW!!!!!! Amazing & Fabulous!!!
    Have a wonderful day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  10. WOW is all I can say. Great job…. totally AWESOME.

  11. Whoa! Now THAT took some work to make! Great job!
    Beth's Beauties

  12. All I can say is WOW!!!! I'm too scared to try something like this. You did an amazing job.

  13. WOw, what a great creation TFS and great hopping with you!

  14. Wow!!!! I have never tried anything 3D,,,,you did a super job, Love that :)

  15. I Love your Haunted House and I Love that you made it in Purple. I have been wanting to make one and do it In purple but have only seen them done in black. Thanks for Sharing your Awesome Creation.

  16. Wow what a cool and detailed project, TFS

  17. holy cow this is awesome great job girl love it

  18. This house is spectacular! I love all the little details - amazing!

  19. Love the purple, wonderful house... I just built this in black ;)

  20. Fantastic , spooky, and perfect for Halloween !!!

  21. You must be 1 patient woman! This looks amazing and I love that you thought to distress the paper before you put it together! I would have thought about that after the fact lol. It would be even more spooky if you put a silhouette shadow in 1 of the windows. Yikes! Would love to see the tombstones when you get them finished :-)

  22. What a spooky haunted house! It is awesome! I love it!!

  23. Yikes!! This haunted house is out of this world! The purple coloring makes it really stand out and contrasts so nicely with the lighted windows. This is AMAZING!

  24. Love your haunted house.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  25. The haunted house is wonderful, so creepy, good job.
    I am a new follower.

  26. the haunted house is awesome.. thanks for joining BL

  27. Awesome! I have always wanted to try this but it looks really complicated. Great project. New follower.

  28. Oh, my goodness! This is an AWESOME project!!! It is the PERFECT Halloween decoration! GREAT job!

    ~Ashley W

  29. Wow! I can't even seem to ice a gingerbread house without falling apart much less make something this it!

  30. Wow! I tried to make one of these....gave up!!! Amazing...your Godchild is going to love it!

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Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I appreciate them! Have a great day!!! Miranda :-)