Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winner from KCC Love Struck Blog Hop

The winner from the KCC Love Struck Blog Hop is......

WONDERFUL layout of your children! My husband & I were best friends too (great foundation to marriage)! My favorite wedding memory was the music we had during our ceremony, it was thought through & we had special people sing it. Many people commented it was the best wedding the had been to.

The funniest memories were my husband had borrowed a friends to Triumph TR-6 convertible to drive away from the church & his sister put balloons on the back of the seats and I was quickly strangled by the balloons. The other was after coming home from our job (his) honeymoon, I told him the first night home I was going to bed & he could leave and go home, lol! I was so used to doing this after dating him for 5-1/2 years. I then corrected myself & said were "Married" you can stay!!

I'm already a follower. =) ~Beth

Congrats!!!!!   Beth, please email me your info at miranda at nanasscrapspot dot com!!!!


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