Thursday, February 21, 2013

Silhouette Portrait

Good Morning!  Whew what a week already.  There is some craziness going on at work, imagine that, right!  Of course nothing I can't handle, it's just making for a bit of a stressful week.  

For those of you that don't know a couple of weeks ago I won a Silhouette Portrait.  It was delivered on Friday and I am just finally getting to take it out of the box and play around with it a bit.  I downloaded an image from Silhouette online store and gave it a go!  I still have some learning to do, actually I have no idea what I'm doing!  LOL  But I am pleased with the results.  

Here is a pic of the Silhouette Portrait I won!

Here is my first project using my new Portrait!

As I stated above the svg cut came from the Silhouette store.  My paper is from my stash box and the ribbon is from

The inside:  I used Jaded Blossom Lucky Treats stamp set to stamp the sentiment and the Shamrocks.  

I hope you enjoyed my first Silhouette card!


  1. Great job for the frist,Love your card,Very pretty...

  2. Woo got that FAST, Miranda!
    I hope you love it! LOVE that card! I need to get my St Patty's Day idea in mind! (or just "lift" yours!)!

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