Friday, February 8, 2013

Cricut vs. Cameo

I'm putting this post back at the top of my page and hoping to get some more thoughts on the subject!  Thanks!!!!!

Hello my sweet crafty friends!!!!  Sorry I haven't posted all week, I've been sick with a cold and I can't seem to shake it.  So I've haven't had the energy to get into my craft room and make anything.  I've been coming home and eating dinner and going to bed.

Okay, so I have a dilemma, I'm considering purchasing a Cameo.  However, I feel like I have so much invested in Cricut that I need to justify it.  If you have a Cameo, what are your thoughts about it?  And if you own both, which do you like best and why?  I guess I'm trying to find out the major differences of the machines.  Also, with the Cameo are you using just there software?  And did you buy the upgrade?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!!!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with a project and I'll be in a blog hop on Saturday!


  1. thanks for the post... i was wondering the same thing... i have cartridges in my cabinet, but i just love the sgv files, and i have yet been told what is the difference between the two, by some one who owns both...

  2. Hi Miranda! This is a great question. I have both machines. I just recently got my Cameo and really do like it. I have a lot invested in my Cricut and don't plan on getting rid of it because I think they serve different purposes for me. I use the Cameo for mainly digital images. There are also great images at the Silhouette store and Lettering Delights that are quick to just cut (no paper piecing). There is a lot of versatility in that. However, the Cameo can't cut heavy weights like chipboard, at least that is what I have been told. I have also heard they are working on that. There is a little bit of a learning curve but there are great tutorials just like there are for the Cricut. I also have the upgrade software and like the added features it brings when using SVG files. So bottom line, for me, I am glad I took the plunge and love both my machines:)

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  3. Miranda, Im in the same position as you. For me it not just about the money or investment but about space as well. I couldn't fit another 12x12 machine in my craft space. At CHA the Silhouette Portrait was revealed. Its comparable to the mini. That might be the way I go because its smaller and cheaper. Im thinking I will mostly use it for fonts and die cuts from EP and SS. Anyway something else to consider, I guess.
    Good luck!

    PS: thanks for asking this question and I look forward to seeing all the replies.

  4. I have a Cricut... and a gypsy... love them and can afford to but decided against the Cameo because I rarely take free cuts I get from ccr to my cricut so why would I take my laptop in the craft room for a Cameo. I use dies for super swirly fine cuts on my Cuttlebug and use my Cricut for all the stuff I wanna do with all types of paper crafting. I have heard the Cameo rocks vinyl but I am not into vinyl.. if you are it is a GREAT consideration. Also I like what someone else mentioned... do you have the space. I don't want to give more space to an electronic die cutter when I have one. That is my 2 cents :)


  5. I have the Cameo and I would highly recommend it. The print and cut feature is amazing. I love the intricate cuts the Cameo can do (Cricut can't touch it, not even close). And when you cut a circle, you get a circle, not an oval. I have four Cricuts (Imagine, E2, and two Expressions), the Gypsy, and over 100 cartridges. I haven't used the Cricuts since I purchased the Cameo. However, I'm not selling any of my PC products because I'm sure I'll use them again at some point. The Silhouette Studio DE software gives me the freedom to cut the images and designs that I want to cut. And for me, that's worth more than the price of admission.

  6. Hi Miranda!
    I have a bug, e2, imagine and now the cameo. I upgraded the software on the cameo for svg's. I love each and every one of my machines. i use them all for completely different things. i can't just "dump" my PC products as i have put way too much money into them. and i love them anyway =) I say, if you have the space, get the cameo and keep it all! they are all wonderful machines <3


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