Monday, October 22, 2012

Just a Share!

Nothing crafty today!  Thought I'ld share what I did this weekend!  Besides the fact that it was my sweet son Michael's 26th Birthday on Saturday and I was able to spend a little time with him and his family, I also spent some time with my youngest grandson, Cayden!

I met Michael, Ina and Hilton over at a festival where Hilton was able to run around and let off some steam.  Here is a pic of him having a really good time:

Sorry about the picture quality, I took it with my phone.

And the rest of the weekend both Saturday and Sunday, I was spoiling helping out with this little guy! We even had our first outing together this weekend, we went to visit his great grandmother (my mom).

Isn't he adorable! Okay I am biased!  Tee Hee!!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with a project!


  1. Great pics Miranda!! What better way to spend your weekend than with your grandkids!!
    My Cricut Craft Room Design Team

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