Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Cricut Craft Room April 100 Cartridge Blog Hop

Welcome to My Cricut Craft Room's
100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop

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Currently she is running a Scrapbook & Card challenge over on her challenge blog and you can win a gift certificate to her webstore!  


Don't forget to comment along the way on all of the blogs today and tomorrow to be entered to win the Cricut cartridge that Erica is giving away today.
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I have made this card to share with you.... I used the Cricut cartridge Doodlecharm...

To create my shaped bunny card, I welded two bunnies using the blackout feature and my gypsy.  If you plan on adding a front to the card, you should use the shadow therefore it cuts the front panel the correct size.  (learned the hard way.  LOL) The base of my card was cut at 6 inches and the face was cut at 5.75.  I still had to trim down the base a little.  I then cut the bunny face and ran it through my cuttlebug using the swiss dots embossing folder.  I inked around the edges with SU Regal Rose ink.  Using my chalk, I added the inside of the ears.  I used my black gelly roll pen to add the whiskers and the mouth.  Don't you just love my googly eyes.  I picked those up at Wal-Mart in the craft section.  My nose was cut using the cartridge.  My pink ribbon is from Wal-Mart as well.  

My sentiment is from K Andrew Designs Art Stamps; "All About Animals"!  My sentiment was stamped using Memento Tuxedo Black ink.  I'll be giving this card to my sweet little Godchild, Ava!  

For my second project, I used Freshly Picked Cricut Cartridge.......

All of my paper is from Recollections unless otherwise stated.  The mushroom can be found on page 34 and was cut at 3.0 and the Gnome can be found on page 35 and he was cut at 2.5.  I used my white gelly roll pen to make faux stitch lines on both the mushroom and the gnome.  My ribbon is from Michael's and my sentiment is from K Andrew's "Splashtastic Summer" set.  

For my final project today, I used Kate's ABC's Cricut Cartridge......

The little girl with her kittens can be found on page 52 and were cut at 3.5 with all her layers.  All of my paper is from my scrap bin.  I love when I can use scraps.  I ran the white piece through my cuttlebug with the Houndstooth embossing folder.  I pop dotted the scene up with some recollection foam squares.  I first used my pink gel pen to add a color to each of the kittens and then went over it with some Cotton Candy Stickles.  I used green glitter glue on the hat rather than the itty bitty leaves that were cut.  I used my white gelly roll pen to add stitch lines to her dress and the baby carriage.  

For the inside of my card, I inked around the edges with SU Pretty In Pink.  My sentiment is from none other than K Andrew and I used two sets, "Our Friendship Is" is from Coffee and Tea for You and Me and "Purrfect" is from All About Animals.  I used Memento Rich Cocoa ink to stamp the sentiment.  My little kitty was cut at 1.5 and I also made her a pink collar.  

I hope you enjoyed my projects today!

What blog hop would be complete without some candy!  I have a 4.5 X6.5 DCWV "the Spring Fling Matstack" for one of my lucky crafting friends.  All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite Easter memory. I won't require you to become a follower or a subscriber but if you do, leave me a 2nd comment telling me so for a second entry!  The winner will be announced Wednesday, April 11th.  Don't forget to come back to see you you have won! 

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  1. I love the projects!!! The bunny is super cute, and the girl with the kittens will be perfect for my granddaughter, must use that cart!! TFS Janet Royer

  2. I love the bunny card! Love the eyes! Christina

  3. Cards are very pretty...Love your bunny...She is cute...

  4. Totally cute cards! Thanks for sharing and participating in the hop today!!!! Crafty Hugs, Susan MCCR Design Team

  5. Such sweet cards Miranda!! Love the googly eyes!!
    My Cricut Craft Room Design Team

  6. Your cards are so super cute and adorable.

  7. very cute the googly eyes on the adorable scene with little girl.

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