Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What have I Been Up to!

What have I been up to!  Well I am working on some projects for the upcoming Getting Cricky Blog Hop!  See my side bar for the awesome blog hop button!  I am hoping to post a project tomorrow on my blog if my test pics that I am about to post look okay.  Why? do you ask must I post test pics, well that would be because I seem to have lost my very expensive camera! {GASP} I thought maybe I left it in Tommy's truck on New Year's Eve but he was at the camp and I couldn't check.  Of course I called him and asked him to have a look.  And he said no it wasn't there, but you know men don't always look as  well as we do right!  So he came home today and NO it's not there.  I called his parents because that is where we were on New Year's Eve but his Dad said he hasn't seen it.  The only explanation I could come up with was as I was getting out of the truck when we returned home, I maybe accidentally dropped it and we were parked by the street and someone found it.  My hands were pretty full but I would like to think if I dropped it I would have noticed.  Whatever the case may be I am out of a camera.  I did receive a video camera for Christmas, but I really haven't figured out how to do videos and edit them and all that good stuff just yet.  I do need to replace my still camera either way.  But I think I am going to purchase a cheaper one for now.  If anyone knows of a good cheap (under $200) camera do let me know.  Now that my stomach is doing flip flops, let me show you some of the loot I collected this Christmas, some things were actual gifts and some things were bought with Christmas money!  So here it goes iPhone pics {drum roll}.......

Yep, I got the Imagine on Black Friday from Wal-Mart!  My Mom gave me the Big Shot because she said I had everything else including a cuttlebug!  LOL I purchased all the carts with Christmas money from various places like Erica's Craft Room, Michael's, E-bay, etc.  And I am impatiently waiting for my new stamps to come from K Andrew!  I think I bought 6 sets!  I am so super excited! Can't wait to start using all my goodies!  And then to top it all off, my BIRTHDAY is next week - January 11th!  What do I want for my birthday you ask, well 200 followers would be awesome!!!!!!  Is that too much to ask for?  LOL Okay so my pics look like they are okay and I'll post a project tomorrow night for you guys but for now, I have to go to bed, I have a long day tomorrow at work.  Yep, still short handed so I am still wearing 3 hats, Paralegal (my real position), secretary/receptionist and accountant!  By the end of the day my brain cells are fried!  
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