Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome Home

 TGIF!!!!!!!  Sorry my blog has been suffering, I've been so busy I can hardly find time to "paper craft"!  Last weekend I baked and decorated three cakes, two camo for a brother and sister b-day party and one for my new Godchild, Ava's baptism!  
 Needless to say, I had to attend the birthday parties and Baptism, so thats how I spent my last weekend.  Hopefully this weekend I'll find some time to hang out in my craft room and get my craft on!

Now onto my Welcome Home Card!  
My sweet cousin Christina's oldest son has been serving in Afghanistan since Oct or Nov of last year.  I kinda lost track of time.  HE SHOULD BE COMING HOME SOON and his mom is going to be there to WELCOME HIM HOME!  She is sooooo excited!  And we are so SUPER PROUD OF HIM AND HIS BROTHER AND SISTER, as they are all in the Airforce!  I made this card for him to Welcome him home and let him know just how much we appreciate his service for our Great Country!
The imagesare from Meljen's Designs.  I colored them with my color pencils.  
The paper is from my stash.  Ribbon is from wal-mart!

Thanks for taking a look! 
Don't forget to "THANK" a SOLIDER!!!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love it,it is too cute!

  2. You have been a busy gal! Everything looks amazing!

  3. You have been busy! Your cakes look awesome! Yum! But I have to tell you that your welcome home card is so very sweet, and so very perfect for why you made it. He will love it. I'm very grateful, and proud of him too. If you see him, give him a big thank you hug from me too. Best, Curt

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