Monday, May 9, 2011

MPS NSD: Challenge #5

So my bloggy friends, I believe this will be my last entry I don't think I will have time to complete the next challenge.  So challenge 5 is to make a 3-D item or add one to your project.  I cut this adorable purse from the Forever Young Cartridge at 3 1/2 inches (I think).  My niece is having her 17th Birthday Party this weekend and I thought this would be a great to put her gift card in!
I used a variety of paper from my stash!  I'm really getting to use up all that paper I've been hoarding.  LOL
The flowers were also cut from Forever Young and my bling is from Hobby Lobby.
I will post the other 7 projects as I complete them although they won't count toward an entry to win the Grand Prize of the Cricut Imagine!  
Thanks for hanging in there with me and Goodnight my peeps!


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